Women’s Health Risks Prevention

Women have many distinctive health issues. Some of them could be triggered by pregnancy, menopause, and health complications in the female organs. In general, it is recommended that women get regular screenings for different kinds of cancer, breast cancer in particular, and reproductive organs.

Men and women share a lot of the same health problems, but women are often affected differently in some of these health issues:

– The effects of sexually transmitted diseases can be more serious for women.

– Contracting urinary tract infection is more likely for women.

– The percentage of women dying from a heart attack is higher as compared to men.

– Showing signs of anxiety and depression are more likely in women.

Benign Breast Conditions and Breast Cancer

Benign breast conditions affect the breast but they are noncancerous disorders and are not life-threatening on their own. Doctors may refer to a range of benign breast conditions as a “fibrocystic change”. Some of these conditions may cause a lot of discomfort or even pain and may require serious treatment. The symptoms of some of the benign breast conditions mimic breast cancer, so tests are needed to make a clear diagnosis.

Some benign breast conditions are proven to increase the risk of breast cancer, so women shouldn’t make light of them. For example, hyperplasia is one of the conditions that increase the risk of breast cancer as it causes an overgrowth of cells that are most often inside of the Iobules or ducts in the breast.

Currently, there is no scientifically proved evidence that cysts, fibroadenoma, and intraductal papilloma increase the risk of breast cancer. However, in the case of intraductal papilloma, if there are abnormal cells or there is ductal carcinoma in situ in the surrounding tissue, it may contribute to the development of breast cancer.

When it comes to prevention, mammograms are among the most effective diagnostic tools that have the ability to save women’s lives by detecting breast cancer at its early stages. When it is caught early enough, the localized cancer tumors can be removed without resorting to mastectomy.

Reproductive Health

Pregnancy is a delicate stage for women since there are many conditions that can affect the unborn child in the womb. Maintaining proper health and diet is a must for the mother during these times. However, there may be times when health problems occur even before fertilization. Some examples include sexually transmitted diseases (STD), tumors in the uterus or womb, and HIV. The symptoms of these problems may occur during the early stages. However, many women do not manifest any symptoms until a disease has already progressed and done some irreversible damage.

The point is that despite the absence of any symptoms, women should stick to a regular check-up routine since many conditions can be detected only by medical professionals with the help of certain tests. Women’s bodies differ from one another, so relying on advice from people with similar experiences is not a good way to go.