New Male Contraceptive Could Control Sperm Flow

Men in the Hamptoms have been subjecting themselves to vasectomies in order to avoid being targeted by women looking for eligible bachelors to have children with. A new invention promoted by a German company may erase the need for such extremes in the very near future, though.

The new male contraceptive, already dubbed online as the “Dick Click” is supposed to allow men to stop and restart their sperm supply simply by pressing a button. The contraption, whose official name is Bimek SLV, works much like a temporary vasectomy, and it even uses surgical methods to regulate a man’s sperm supply.

The concept of the product is in fact quite simple. It uses valves which divert sperm and can be turned on and off with ease through the scrotum. These valves are inserted surgically and, surprisingly enough, were actually invented by a carpenter.

The surgery itself is also fairly simple and can be done in about 30 minutes. The valves are inserted in the tubes which transport sperm from the testicles to the urethra, effectively presenting a better and more convenient alternative to having a vasectomy, where the tubes are firmly sealed.

So far, this product is rather controversial, as the medical community has raised some concerns surrounding the device, namely that it may cause scarring in the sperm ducts. There are, however, many benefits associated with this contraceptive device, if it becomes widely available. For instance, it is said to be very reliable – perhaps more so than condoms, which are the traditional male contraceptive method of choice.

Another benefit of this device would be the expected decrease in the number of vasectomies and, worse yet, reverse vasectomies, which are not only painful for men, but also not always successful.

The Bimek SLV has yet to be trialed and approved, which now makes it impossible to tell for sure when (if ever) it becomes widely available. The proposed price for this product is yet to be revealed as well.

If this contraceptive becomes available, it could give rise to a new sexual revolution, benefitting both women and men, especially those who are uncomfortable with or bothered by traditional contraceptive methods.

The promotional media for this product also suggests that something similar could be invented for women, though nothing specific is revealed about that subject.

One must always remember, however, that even if a device like this works, it can only prevent unwanted pregnancies. The use of a traditional contraceptive method like a condom is still necessary to prevent the spread of sexually transmitted diseases.