How a Woman Can Benefit from Breast Massage

Breast massage isn’t a new thing at all; it’s been around for thousands of years. Originating in Asia as an ancient health ritual, it is known as Taoist Breast Massage. This has been the trusted choice for women in Asia for many, many years already to keep themselves healthy, youthful and free from disease (as well as maintaining perky and firm breasts!)

Breast massage is an essential part of maintaining a woman’s health. Here are main benefits that a woman can derive from breast massage.

Cleansing effect

Everyday women are exposed to many toxins from the environment. Toxins are everywhere: in the food we eat, the air we breathe, and many cleaning and household products.

Toxins are mostly stored in the fatty tissues of the body, which makes the breasts a vulnerable part of the female body. Breast massage can help drain these toxins from the lymphatic system, allowing nutrient-rich blood to flow into the breasts. Scarily, toxic build-up in the breasts can lead to cancer; that’s why massaging the breasts to drain the toxins can help prevent developing some life-threatening diseases such as cancer.

Therapeutic effect

Oxytocin (the love hormone) is released when the breasts are massaged, and this can help combat stress and depression as well as general feelings of being down. The soft, gentle touch can also relieve aching breasts, as massaging the breasts reduces swelling and soreness within the tissues. Regular breast massages can help in relaxing and soothing both the body and the mind.


Women often worry about breast sagging. Massage is the perfect way to help improve the appearance of sagging breasts. The act of massaging helps to tone and tighten the muscles and tendons around the breasts resulting in a ‘perkier’ appearance.


One of the pluses many women get from breast massage is a surprising increase in size. When the breasts are massaged, a hormone called prolactin is released, and this can increase the size of a woman’s breast. The result is a more attractive bust line.

Regular check-ups

By massaging your breasts regularly, you will get to know the shape and feel of your breasts, which will help you keep track of any possible changes such as lumps and bumps. Early detection of any irregularities is essential and could save your life.


The cocktail of chemicals that are released during breast massage – prolactin, estrogen and oxytocin – has anti-ageing effects. You can become more youthful in appearance without the help of any pharmaceutical drugs by simply massaging your breasts. Many studies have proved that regular breast massages are good for your appearance and overall health.

Just keep in mind that breast massages need to be performed in the right way for you to have all these benefits. So if you’re set on massaging your breasts yourself, you should visit a professional at least for the first time so that they teach you how to perform breast massage in the right and safe way.